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Serving prestigious Corporate Brands since 1999

Since 1999

It was the year when people were moving away from Fax to Email, Floppy Disks to USB Flash Drives, Google just started, WiFi was invented and Blackberry launched their first ever data phone. Names like FaceBook, YouTube, Skype, iPhone, Amazon Kindle, Wikipedia and to carry them the Mobile Broadband which are now a great part of our lives, were never in the realm of anyone's imagination.

The domino effect of technology upheaval was also going to change the graphic industry. Evolution of high-end graphic-design software that triggered inventions in Digital Print industry, Transfer Print Technology, Laser Cutting, Engraving were all evolving at a breakneck speed. 

As the digital technology evolved, BTL (Below the Line) side of the advertising business was going to be badly hit. The subsequent data revolution that started thereafter was going to make the marketing campaigns more focused and more personalized through online & digital media. 

Perhaps not the best year to venture into a new BTL business of promotions and corporate gifts.

The only way one could become successful in such changing times was to be adaptive, innovative, competitive and importantly be pro-active in informing the clients of such new inventions that could enhance their campaign designs. 

Today, after almost two decades in the business its rather nostalgic to look back at the challenges faced and partnerships established that we realize its always 'commitment' that came to our rescue.


What is Acquest ?

The dictionary definition of 'Acquest' is "An act of acquiring a thing".

We define is slightly differently and call it "The Art of acquiring a thing".

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